[Moon-Net] Meteor scatter december

Peter PA2V peter at pa2v.com
Tue Nov 29 13:35:22 CET 2016

Sorry for this non-EME message.

I wonder if there are some EME capable or other high power stations on 432
MHz who would like to test the Geminids meteor shower. As far as I could
find it will peak between 13 and 14 December. The predicted peak around 21Z.

I can't get into e-mail contact with YU1EV but I know he is interested. I
will be often on the ON4KST chat page.

Please can someone get the information over to him?

I am especially looking for stations from YU, 9A, S5 as they are on an ideal
distance for MS.

But any other EU station at MS distance will have my interest too.

73, Peter PA2V


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