[Moon-Net] Manfred Moon Mission!?

Scott Tilley sthed475 at telus.net
Sun Feb 13 05:17:23 CET 2022

Recently it was determined that the Falcon 9 upper stage from DSCOVR is 
not the hardware that will hit the Moon later this month, rather the 
CE5T1 upper stage with the Manfred Memorial Moon Mission attached to it 

Here's a chance at a bonus round to the contest.

On 145.980MHz the mission emitted JT65 until it's batteries and Sun 
angles prevented its solar panels from powering the mission further.  
There is a chance the mission could emit 2m signals and now that we have 
accurate pointing info here's a chance to DX M4M before it hits the Moon.

More info:


Tracking (ignore DSCOVR ID):


Good luck all as Manfred may still have something to say before he lands 
on the the Moon!

73, Scott


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