[Moon-Net] DUBUS 23cm Results, G3LTF

Peter Blair g3ltf at btinternet.com
Mon May 17 16:38:40 CEST 2021

It was such a pleasure to be back on EME again. We had a lot of rain but very little wind and the gear all worked fb.
I worked 72 in total, all random, including 2 ssb. List will be in next NL. This is my highest ever score for this contest.  Great to add DU as #78 dxcc
Stations called with no reply (cwnr) CT1FGW, YO2BCT, RA4HL, IK3GHY, VK4AFL, DJ7FJ, KN0WS and heard AA4MD, IK2MMB,DL7UMA
Two operating points. I think that you need some sort of frequency display, to catch people calling off frequency ( a smart move in a pile up anyway) and to catch people tailending you when its NOT your frequency, and to spot the really weak ones. There are also stations where the LO shifts between tx and rx, (not uncommon in HB systems, been there) and they end up off frequency. 
Second point is that I now have this lovely TS590SG with excellent DSP down to 50Hz and 1 Hz RIT but I still find an additional improvement in very weak signal readability when I add my old tuneable switched capacitor MF8 filter set to 50Hz, I suspect it maybe a passband shape effect. ( PA2DW, Dick, yes you were the weakest)
Thanks to everyone for the great QSOs and nice comments. I can be QRV until  the moon gets down to about –12degrees declination if anyone wants a test.
73 Peter G3LTF 
6m 250W
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