[Moon-Net] Dubus 2021

valter dolso valter_dls at yahoo.it
Mon May 17 12:10:04 CEST 2021

Hello all...
Many thanks for so good week end in the CW contest, very good  activisies in the 23 CM band...lot of fun
I had 59 CW random qso plus one in SSB....
Sorry for the  three or four stations that  I cannot pull out the noise, BUT... For my 3.2 dish  I need some time to center the weak signal in my 25 HZ audio filter, so only 15/ 30 second of call in not enough for center  quite weak signals in the filter, someone has to much hurry  :-) I need some more DB in antenna gain, perhaps in the next future I will able to have a little big dish  abt 4 meters..I wait near moon set at hills level  for find Alaska... KL6M but no luck !!Again thanks to all stations qrv in the Dubus contest..
73, Valter IK1FJI
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