[Moon-Net] PA3DZL 3.4GHz/9cm Dubus/REF contest results

Jac de Bruijn pa3dzl at icloud.com
Thu Mar 25 09:49:23 CET 2021

Hello EME friends,

Last weekend during the 9cm Dubus/REF CW/SSB contest i made 21 QSOs (last year 17)
1 initial DL4DTU #69 very nice signals 559 from Norbert during his first show on 9cm.

Strongest signals from OK1CA, OH2DG, W5LUA and K2UYH very stong on Sunday !!
Nice to QSO VK3NX using X-band :-)) 

Conditions Saturday were not as good as on Sunday.
I could measure 0.3dB moonnoise on Saturday and 0.35dB on Sunday.
Less than usual >0.4dB.

Outside the contest a 2nd initial VE6BGT #70, outstandig CW signal peaking 579 !!
Made also 3 Digi-mode QSOs

Will be looking forward to the 10GHz part in April.

73s de Jac, PA3DZL

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