[Moon-Net] Coming release of WSJT-X 2.5.0-rc2 and MAP65 3.0-rc2

Tomasz Salwach tomasz at salwach.pl
Thu Jun 24 01:01:28 CEST 2021

Hi Joe!

I've been using WSJT 2.4.0 for rainscatter. JT4 & Q65.

Problems encountered:

- autosequence is not reliable (sometimes it does not work) and I'm not 
sure this is not general (on any mode).
You should look at JTDX code how it's done as it is almost perfect there.

- there are false decodes - same message gets decoded twice.

For example correct one decoded was R-10 message and just below it was 
decoded wrong as CQ message.

- after playing a lot with different modes, program stopped decoding 
messages. Same strength signals were decoded after restart.

- 15 second Q65 is suspected to  work much worse than 30s. Worse than 
expected. Maybe conditions changed...we didn't test it long.

We need fast rainscatter mode. You recommend 60D. In my opinion 30D is 
better here. It's not EME, we're in hurry :)

With a choice Q65 60D or JT4G for rainscatter I would prefer JT4.

  JT4 is very reliable. Our main problem on 10Ghz with these modes is 
they are so wide that there is not a big tolerance on frequency - if 
signals are visible on waterfall - there is no problem to set it right 
(and both modes work, but JT4 is much more tolerant for drift). So Q65 
has no advantage here if we cannot set frequency right "blindly"...and 
on 10Ghz it is quite problematic even when there are good OCXOs on both 
sides. But 60s for a single message is much to slow.
Something 15s 4FSK 1500Hz wide would be perfect.

It is a dream to work random on rainscatter. But we must agree on one 
standard, one frequency...same as with FT8 on VHF today.

Thanks for new toys! 73!


W dniu 23.06.2021 o 21:16, Joe Taylor via Moon-net pisze:
> Dear EME Friends,
> If you have been using our recent Release Candidate (which includes 
> both WSJT-X 2.5.0-rc1 and MAP65 3.0-rc1) for EME, we would appreciate 
> receiving summary reports of your experiences, especially with using 
> the Q65 mode on EME paths.
> Please respond to Moon-Net or off list, of you prefer.  Be sure to 
> highlight any issues that you think may not have been already reported 
> and addressed.
> We plan soon to make an RC2 release candidate of WSJT-X 2.5.0 and 
> MAP65 3.0.  It's not too late for us to fix things that are not right, 
> but we need a complete picture of what they might be!
> Many thanks!
>     -- 73, Joe, K1JT
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