[Moon-Net] Lunar landing EME SSTV party on 23 cm at PI9CAM

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Wed Aug 4 12:57:39 CEST 2021

Hi all,



In 2019 and in 2020 we celebrated 50 and 51 years moonlanding by bouncing
images off the moon using SSTV


In 2020 we were lucky to be able to do it in between two viral waves. The
rest of the year the big dish was closed.

At the moment we are again slowly and cautiously starting activities at


Because we would like to make this SSTV party an annual event we are
planning to do it in a small way this year on Tuesday August 10.


We are not allowed to be in the cabin of the dish for many hours at the time
(because of the virus) so we can only do a short event.

But short is better than nothing.


We hope to be able to start around 10:45 UTC


We will transmit several lunar landing and space related images on 1296.110

We will use SSTV mode MARTIN 2.


SSTV software used here is MMSSTV.


We are curious to see and hear from you what results you get.

Of course a bigger antenna is better but we have had some surprisingly good
SSTV reports in the past from moderate dish stations.

Even with a 2.5 or 3 m dish you should be able to see some distinguishable


We also encourage you to try sending some SSTV images yourself and see what
the results will be.


We will be on the HB9Q logger to coordinate.


We probably have to stop around 14:45 UTC 


We know that because of this short time window we will not be able to reach
every station on the globe.

We hope we can do a full moon pass again in 2022.


Nevertheless we hope to see many images off the moon!





PA3FXB (team PI9CAM)


25 m radio telescope Dwingeloo




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