[Moon-Net] coaxial cable + antenna rotator

pa4vhf pa4vhf at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 19:44:11 CEST 2021

Thanks all for answering to my question regarding the use of low loss coaxial cables in combination with an antenna rotator.


Ecoflex 15 should be avoided! several people reporting cracks in the copperfoil causing problems
Hyperflex 13 and Superflex 13 (M&P) also suffer these problems, several people reporting this as well.

The standard 10mm coaxial cable seems better, not seen any direct report of foil problems.

SCF12-50 still seems to be the best solution, but it is recomended to use a double loop which is large enough.

Also LMR600-UF seems suitable, but I wonder if this cable is not suffering the same problems as Ecoflex 15/13mm cable as discribed above.
Maybe LMR600-UF has double breading?

 Thanks again.



Dick, PA4VHF


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