[Moon-Net] {EXTERNAL MAIL} Transfer Relays - recommendations ?

Owen, Michael Michael.Owen at saabinc.com
Fri Apr 30 11:40:15 CEST 2021

Tim -

With 400W, the following are both good.  Low loss and high isolation such that you don't need a 2nd protection relay:

Transco 310C


Dow-Key 412  (412A is even better)

[412-2301-ROHS | Dow-Key(r) Microwave Corporation]



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Hi all,

I'm looking to install an LNA for 1296 but it doesn't come with a transfer relay so I need to find one or a combination of normal relays that will handle at least 400w, preferably more.

What relays are people using for this purpose ?




VK2XAX : QF56if : ITU59 : CQ30 : BMARC : WIA


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