[Moon-Net] converting AZ / EL coordinates to XY coordinates

Bob Atkins ka1gt at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 28 06:21:31 CEST 2021

I have received feedback from SPID when I've written to them.  They don't provide schematics of their controller as far as I can tell. They are not overflowing with technical data, but they've responded to me a number of times and even sent parts for testing (see https://bobatkins.com/radio/spid_electronics_update.html).

They (the SPID factory) certainly don't seem to have the world's best customer support, and there is indeed a lack of technical information from them at times, but they have not ignored my email.

I'm not quite sure what they mean by converting AZ/EL to X/Y.  I thought AZ/EL was X/Y (left/right and up/down?). The usual question is converting RA and DEC to AZ and EL.

Bob, KA1GT

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Personally I would not reply on that request.
SPID never ever respond on requests for information, diagrams etc.
They even do not respond on all complains and bad behaviour of their
I am happy I have an active SPID reseller and service point. Feel sorry for
all that guys that have not.
Let SPID first respond on simple requests first before supplying them with
73, Peter PA2V

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