[Moon-Net] Dish AZ Slew gears

Skip Macaulay ve6bgt at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 22:48:08 CEST 2021

I am looking for advice on the size of slew gear I could use for the
azimuth drive on my dish.. I have seen other articles and have been in
contact with Kinematics
in Houston.. After talking to them and sending info and drawings on what I
wanted to do, they got back to me and said they dont make a slew gear large
So I wanted to get some opinions from others here if possible..  What I
have is a 22 foot mesh dish supported in a tower type metal frame..There
are pixs on my QRZ page..I was going to have a roller system on top to
support the dish and frame weight, then a steady bearing or shim at the top
and half way down.. The slew gear would be at the bottom of course.. The
real only force on the slew gear then would be rotary torque or twist..
Now I have seen others with large kennedy dishes using  a 15 inch slew
gear.. I wouldnt think I would need one that large but I know larger is
better sometimes... I would like to hear from others and their opinions and
experiences etc.. Thanks, Skip
Skip Macaulay
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