[Moon-Net] 23cm amp?

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Mon Apr 26 18:06:43 CEST 2021


That is part of the "1300 Mc" module out of a Bird Wattmeter Tester. 
The tester was a rack of modules for various bands.  I have a photo of
the unit somewhere but I couldn't find it just yet.  I cannibalized one
of those myself and used just the two tube cavity on 1296 for quite a
while.  I never had any documentation on it.  Here are some photos of
what I put together with it almost 20 years
ago:  https://ptt-ak.com/kl6m/1296/1296.html

I used this bias circuit:  http://alaska.net/~ptt/2c39/BIAS.JPG   I
built an input circuit for the two tube section and drove it directly
with a FT-736R (10w).  I have more on that circuit somewhere, and I can
dig it up later if you want to try it.  I was getting about 200 watts
out of it.

Mike, KL6M BP51dc

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> Hi lunatics :
> Some years ago I acquired the 7289 amp in the attached pictures.
> Now wanting to get more pwr. on 23cm, I pulled it out of my future  
> projects collection and remembered that the original project was dropped  
> since I had NO documentation or even a manufacturer name.
> Anyone remember these ?
> Craig, N8DJB/4<hr>_______________________________________________
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