[Moon-Net] 432 MHz Results ARI contest this weekend

PA2V pa2v at advipe.nl
Mon Apr 26 15:42:20 CEST 2021

This weekend was fun with quite some stations fired up the station.

I worked 42 stations and 4 of them Italian generating multipliers. Good
activity from US stations.

I tried to get more CW contacts, but only 2 stations worked in CW.

It brings my total up to 196 points.

Conditions changed all the time.  Both days at moonrise most signals were 90
degrees rotated.

On the Sunday moonrise I started later than planned because I got a
phonecall from the hospital
that they had Covid19 vaccines available and since I was on the waiting list
and could get it now. 

So I started 30 minutes later than planned.

Some moments after sunset conditions were great and I was able to work some
small stations.

This contest is fun and the time nearly perfect this weekend. Well done

73, Peter PA2V



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