[Moon-Net] Installing in-ground pole mast for dish

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sun Apr 25 19:58:16 CEST 2021


In late 80's -early 90's I put up about 50 dishes 
for Sat-TV.  Most were 10-foot mesh, a couple 12-foot.

Those accepted 3.5-inch ID black pipe (paint with 
Rustoleum Paint if you don't want it to 
rust).  Since you need to use a smaller diameter 
it would not hurt to use sched-80 black pipe to 
ensure no bending under wind load.  <I am 
mounting my 1.8m dish on a ten-foot section of 
Rohn-25 set in a 3x3x3 cube of concrete (with 
tower bottom sunk into the concrete).  I want the 
dish support very rigid for use on 3cm-eme>

Since they were larger than your dish, I used 
eight-foot long pipes set into 18-inch diameter 
concrete forms set 3-4 feet deep.  Commercial 
name of the forms is "Sonotube".  Easy to make 
the hole with a clam-shell post hole digger by 
hand.  18x48 inch hole is 12,215 cu-inch or 7 
cu-ft (I figured about 1/3 cu-yard to be 
safe).  A few wheel barrows of sack-crete will 
fill the hole.  I made my own concrete with 
Portland cement, 6-60 lb sacks of sand and 8 
sacks of 3/4 inch rock.  But 90 lb sack of 
Portland is way more than needed for a single 
dish hole, so the pre-mixed sack-crete is a lot 
easier.  Let pole set for 48-hours before hanging 
the dish (I used to cheat and only allow 
24-hours, but I was running a business so 
couldn't sit on my hands for an extra day).

I drilled two holes near the bottom of the pipe 
as right angles and used a short piece of rebar 
(such that the ends would not touch the 
sonotube.  Without them dish could easily break 
free and rotate.  No failures over 5-years of doing this.

73, Ed
Delivered Sun-Slew drive motor and tee-bar 
(2.5-inch ID sched-80 pipe welded to 4-foot 3x3 
steel pipe) to my welder who is fabricating my 
new dish mount for the 4.9m dish.  Est. install of dish in July.

At 05:58 AM 4/25/2021, Leslie L via Moon-net wrote:
>Hi all,
>Looking for advice on installing an inground 
>pole mast for a mesh  or lightweight dish , 
>about 2.4M to 3.0M.  Need a total of 6 feet 
>above ground, 2 inch diameter to match my Spid 
>RAS.   So I figure 3 feet in the ground, but 
>how do you stop it from spinning ?  Have 
>you  used welded fins or bolts?  How much 
>concrete?  Post digger or 
>shovel?  Sonic  tube? What type of pipe and 
>where to you get it?   Galvanized Steel pipe?  Â
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73, Ed - KL7UW
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