[Moon-Net] ARI EME Trophy 432 MHz

Mick vk2cmp at me.com
Sun Apr 25 13:21:28 CEST 2021

Peter PA2V,

I’ll set the alarm for 3.00 local (17.00Z) and hope to work you after a quick infusion of caffeine.  I finished setting up my Adaptive Polarisation setup using 4x WSJT-X slices 0.45,90,135 as well as Map65 of course. Alex HB9DRI kindly remoted into my PC for 5 hours to set up the system which uses the IQ+/ UADC4/ Linrad/ WSJT-X combination. Very impressed having access the the WSJT-X decoder in the 4 WSJT-X instances using adaptive polarisation. Provides a quick view of conditions as you can see which polarities are receiving and their signal strength. It does use more screen real estate which provides that all year round sun tan but hey its going into winter here!

Mick Price

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