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Hi David,
I hope you do not make my mistake, and start with waveguides and not with
SMA connectors and rigid coaxial cables, it is day and night!
It works with SMA feed, IF it works, but your loss will make your economic
investment be 3 or more db less.
WR90 is ideal, WR75 is not bad, but much better than a system with SMA.

El sáb, 24 abr 2021 a las 8:52, David Hilton-Jones via Moon-net (<
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> Thanks for the many replies about suitable IF frequencies and rigs. I'm
> leaning towards Kuhne G5 transverter with 432MHz IF, driven with my TS2000.
> I can easily solve the potential transmit spike issue.
> Two further questions if I may:
> 1) With respect to commercially available preamps, I note the Kuhne and
> DownEast Microwave devices. Any others to consider?
> 2) With respect to feed, has anybody experience with I0JXX feed for offset
> dish?
> 73
> David, G4YTL
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Ricardo Pereyra
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