[Moon-Net] 23cm EME Six State Extravaganza Complete

Joe Taylor joe at princeton.edu
Sat Apr 24 15:50:40 CEST 2021

Hi Gene and all,

Hearty congratulations on your very successful EME expedition!

When you have time, could you provide a summary of the mix of JT65 and 
Q65 QSOs, the Q65 submode(s) and Doppler tracking options used, and any 
other suggestions about Q65 operation?  We are still looking for ways to 
optimize WSJT-X and Q65 for EME purposes.

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

On 4/24/2021 8:16 AM, Gene Shea via Moon-net wrote:
> Yesterday I worked 45 stations from Kentucky to complete operations, and 
> nudge several stations closer to W.A.S. The whole trip came off as 
> planned with no equipment failures - I heard Murphy was resting after 
> visiting the Texas power grid. :-)
> I'll get LoTW up-to-date this afternoon, I see that I can log the Q65 
> contacts now.
> I'd like to thank Joel, W5ZN, and Craig, N8DJB/4 for letting me squat on 
> their property and operate - their support made it smooth going. A 
> thanks also to Ben, K4QF who had a Plan B site ready for me in Alabama 
> if things didn't work out with the commercial campground.
> Most of all a hug and thanks to my wife Joyce who rode along and thinks 
> that getting W.A.S. on 23 EME is a fantastic undertaking. She was 
> jumping up and down with excitement when K2UYH got his #50.
> If you enjoyed the adventure a donation to my PayPal account would be 
> much appreciated. geneshea at gmail dot com
> 73,
> Gene, KB7Q
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