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 I concur with Ric.    I use a TS-2000X on 10 GHz EME.    Set for delayed output in advanced menu.    Used with an older model Kuhne transverter.    It is excellent.    I have had no problems.

When doing CAT control on 10 GHz which is almost all of the time, CFOM, I need to compensate about 100 hertz because the TS-2000 is about that far off frequency.    But it is stable and is always that amount.

I’m either going to recalibrate it, or do a mod for GPSDO control.    I have the hardware for GPSDO,    I have not had time to do it.

The 5 watt output works well.    I use 432 IF to reduce image and LO feedthrough, and with feedline loss out to the dish and transverter, the level is about optimum.

Just don’t forget to set it down to 5 watts.    Forgetting can be disastrous as I learned the hard way with a DEMI transverter on another band.    I should dedicate the rig to 10 GHz EME, but I use it for FT-8 often on all the bands that the TS-2000 covers.


> On Apr 23, 2021 at 9:33 AM,  <cx2sc via Moon-net (mailto:moon-net at mailman.pe1itr.com)>  wrote:
> Hi David,
>  from one newbie to another:
>  Khune says no to TS2000 because of the famous Spike, that it does exist, but this is my experience with WSJT (-X) + Transverter + TS2000, it is an excellent combination.
>  The reasons are these:
>  TS2000 has control of 10hz by CAT and between 4 and 5Watt in its output in 432.  
> TS2000   has excellent long-term stability
>  SPIKE: When TS2000 is activated TX there is no audio to feed its internal PA, this allows AGC to control output power before SPIKE happens.
>  IF: 432 keeps LO away and less chance of injection.
>  IF 144: LO (10224MHz)
>  IF 432: LO (9936MHZ)
>  I do not have Khune (it would be my wish) but I use several transverters with this configuration and I stay in the air.
>  I must clarify that this is my opinion and that it is the configuration that I currently use, but it is at your discretion and responsibility.
>  Surely there will be other thoughts.
>  73!
>  Ric CX2SC
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> >  On 2021-04-23 5:44 a.m., David Hilton-Jones via Moon-net wrote:
> >   >  I'm starting out on 10GHz EME.
> >   
> >  Same here, but my stumbling block is more like how much power do I need for my
> >  1.8m solid dish.    Hate to buy small amp and find I need "x" watt amp.
> >   
> >  Ready to start install just need ground to thaw.
> >   
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