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Hi David,
from one newbie to another:
Khune says no to TS2000 because of the famous Spike, that it does exist,
but this is my experience with WSJT (-X) + Transverter + TS2000, it is an
excellent combination.
The reasons are these:
TS2000 has control of 10hz by CAT and between 4 and 5Watt in its output in
TS2000 has excellent long-term stability
SPIKE: When TS2000 is activated TX there is no audio to feed its internal
PA, this allows AGC to control output power before SPIKE happens.
IF: 432 keeps LO away and less chance of injection.
IF 144: LO (10224MHz)
IF 432: LO (9936MHZ)
I do not have Khune (it would be my wish) but I use several transverters
with this configuration and I stay in the air.
I must clarify that this is my opinion and that it is the configuration
that I currently use, but it is at your discretion and responsibility.
Surely there will be other thoughts.

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> On 2021-04-23 5:44 a.m., David Hilton-Jones via Moon-net wrote:
> > I'm starting out on 10GHz EME.
> Same here, but my stumbling block is more like how much power do I need
> for my
> 1.8m solid dish.  Hate to buy small amp and find I need "x" watt amp.
> Ready to start install just need ground to thaw.
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