[Moon-Net] 10GHz EME beginners question

David Hilton-Jones g4ytl at aol.com
Fri Apr 23 11:44:51 CEST 2021

I appreciate that this is a rather silly question, as there are numerous
possible answers. However, I'm sure I'll learn something from it!

I'm starting out on 10GHz EME. Planning on using a Kuhne G5 transverter.
There are actually two, related, questions:

1) Which IF to use
2) "Best" IF rig.

I'd mentioned before using my TS2000 as a 432MHz IF, but several people
pointed out the potential transmit "spike" problem, and indeed Kuhne advise
against the TS200. The TS2000 interfaces very well with WSJT-X, and I use it
at 144MHz for my 1296 transverter.

I could uses an IC7300, but there is no easy way of locking to a frequency

I also have an IC746, which is excellent for 144 EME.

On balance, I'm thinking of perhaps getting a separate rig just for 10GHz IF
use. It must be one that interfaces well with WSJT-X (for Doppler
correction, etc.)

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


David, G4YTL

PS Supplementary question! Just in case a G4 transverter appeared on the
second-hand market, any great difference between it and the current G5?

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