[Moon-Net] PLC Noise is annoying here.

Christoph Petermann df9cy at web.de
Thu Apr 22 13:05:19 CEST 2021

Hello friends,

Even my problem does not (yet?) exist on 70cm or higher, I ask here, if
anyone has seen or even built remedies against Noise from PowerLine
Communications - those little boxes that distribute the internet, TV and
other stuff over the local powerlines in houses.

Most affected band here is 50 MHz, but when turning my 2m and 70cm
antenna to that neighbour's house about 80m away this typical noise is
there - but not so strong - as well.

I have seen some LC bandstop for 27 MHz in a forum, that this guy placed
in front of all boxes at his "friendly" neighbour and it obviously worked.

Now I thought of winding up a tuned coaxial stub for 50 MHz (harmonics
on 150 and 450 MHz) in a plastic box that integrates powerplug and
socket as well. Better not to touch the stub...

Could this work, or would the notch on 50 MHz stop the box from working?
Anyone here who has experience with such "radio medicine"?

73 de Christoph DF9CY

Christoph Petermann
www.cpetermann.de - www.christophpetermann.de - www.df9cy.de

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