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I use LMR600, 14’ of it coming off the T junction of my power divider lines on my 6M 4X7 array. It hangs down and then comes back up to meet with the 1 5/8” feedline which is curved around near the top of the tower 180degrees so that the connector points down and doesn’t stress the LMR600. 

For 23cm I was thinking I’d use LMR1200 for the line coming off the antenna connecting to the 1 5/8” feedline. It is listed as “flexible”. There is also an LMR900 which you might consider. 



I have some questions regarding the use of low loss coaxial cables in combination with antenna rotator.
The cable should be flexible and able to withstand a lot off repeated bendings.

LMR600-UF might be another one, but much expensiver and maybe difficult to get, including connectors.
So, anyone has experience with the use of SCF12-50 as a cable in a rotatable system and what should be a 'safe' loop radius?
Also interested in other comments, tips, ideas and experiences regarding this subject.
73 and CU on 432MHz EME
Dick, PA4VHF

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