[Moon-Net] SSPA 5.7Ghz

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Thu Apr 15 22:59:30 CEST 2021

Hello friends, I hope everyone stays safe.

I'm finalizing my 6cm system, which will allow you to have CX in your DXCC.

I've had great help from great people, like Paul W1GHZ, Zdenek OK1DFC, and
Guy F2CT.

Now I have not been able to solve the question of necessary power (perhaps
minimum) for EME.

My TX chain starts out with less than 10mW and it is quite a challenge to
find the final DRIVER and SSPA to get some power.

They can be on the other side of the ocean and weigh too much, but also the
weight is an obstacle to put next to the feed.

I find that 5.7GHz is less popular than 10GHz and the DRIVER and SSPA are
not that common.

That's why I think that if you have a 5.7GHz driver or SSPA that you don't
use in your cabin you might want to sell it and help complete my 6cm

73! stay safe....



PD: I'll be QRV this weekend on 10GHz.

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