[Moon-Net] IC-9700 PTT commercial box available, almost.

Tim Tuck vk2xax at skybase.net
Tue Apr 13 01:09:39 CEST 2021

If you want to control both amps and pre-amps from the 9700 you might 
consider this roll-your-own device...


I'm building one of these for myself :)



On 12/4/21 2:21 pm, Sean McHenry via Moon-net wrote:
> This showed up today on the IC-9700 list. In case anyone missed this 
> post, this looks like a viable answer to the issue of using multiple 
> PTT controlled devices (amps, preamps, switching relays, sequencers) 
> by band from the IC-9700.  I am just passing this along as I haven’t 
> seen it discussed here as of yet.
> PTT Multiplier for Icom IC-9700 - The DX Shop Limited 
> <https://thedxshop.com/product/ptt-multiplier-for-icom-ic-9700/>
> Sean
VK2XAX : QF56if : ITU59 : CQ30 : BMARC : WIA

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