[Moon-Net] For sale: Complete 23cm EME setup

Udo Langenohl - DK5YA dk5ya at dk5ya.de
Mon Apr 12 22:20:43 CEST 2021

Now that two promises to take over the station completely were withdrawn 
at the last moment, I am offering the entire station again. The station 
is preferably sold complete, but individual parts are also possible.
Because of the constant radar QRM, I parted with my 23cm EME / Tropo 
station with a heavy heart. All parts are as good as new (from 2018).

3 mtr. Mesh-Dish rf-hamdesign, f / d 0.4
Septum feed rf-hamdesign
BIG-RAS HR AZ / EL rotor, latest model, free of issues, high resolution 
incl. MD-01 rotor controller
Adapter plate rotor to dish
2-stage transverter: 1st stage LG-Labs Transverter, 2nd stage: plus 
Kuhne 144G3, IF 28 MHz, incl. small driver PA LDMOS (60W) in 19-inch housing
LDMOS-PA 700W (MRF13750) by W6PQL, gives 550W continuous wave in JT65C, 
in 19-inch housing incl. 7-inch touchscreen controller, sequence 
control, etc., home brew
2x VV from VHF-Design incl. Box for the feed with SMA relay high 
isolation, new price approx. 350 €
Several other parts for 23cm (isolator etc.)

The new price of the entire system was well over € 6,000. asking € 4,000 
for the whole system. Otherwise will sell in parts.
Photos on request. Since the dish cannot be dismantled, pick up is 
necessary. Note: the dish can be perfectly placed in a large Mercedes 
Sprinter at an 45deg. angle and does NOT have to be dismantled.
The station can be set up as it is and put into operation immediately.

Please send serious inquiries by email.

73 Udo, DK5YA

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