[Moon-Net] Spid and Alfa Spid rotators

Keith Bainbridge keith at vk6eme.com
Wed Apr 7 15:22:59 CEST 2021

Just a comment from me.
I’ve owned an Alfa Spid RAS for several years and it always lost its position, once wrapping the coax twice around the mast before it snapped.
I changed to a 18vdc supply and all the problems went away.
Calibration is a once every few months check.
I now also own a Spid ( not the Alfa Spid ) Big Ras/HR, driving a 3 mtr mesh dish and the motor runs on the 26vdc supply and the controller on a 16vdc supply, both homebrew. 
No problems at all so far .
I’ve been told many times that the Alfa Spid is a copy and isn’t as reliable as the genuine Spid, whether thats true or not I don’t know, but both mine are doing what I want them to do.
I did consider the Green Heron controller as we use several of them at our radio club, but so far the originals are behaving well.
I suppose there are good and bad ones out there :(

Keith Bainbridge

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