[Moon-Net] MAP 65 (To Serge VE1KG and Francesco IK2DDR)

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Wed Apr 7 10:14:44 CEST 2021

Serge and Francesco, thank you very much for your answers certainly 
awaited by Joe and his team of developers who need our answers if only 
for her motivation!

Many developers work for free to give us the possibility of have tools 
and techniques previously unaffordable for individuals. Now we have at 
our disposal a wonderful sandbox for playing and satisfying our desires 
for discovery and experiments. I thank them (Joe, Leif, all teams) very, 
very much.

It is true that MAP65 is certainly not essential for our activity, but 
for exchanging messages between us the EME is certainly not much more 
useful. Today we have many other ways for communicate more effectively !

In my opinion EME is a formidable technical challenge which is not 
limited to a simple QSO ! It is possible to improve, optimize our 
stations with tools like MAP65, LINRAD, SDR, Dual Polarity, Automatic 
moon Tracking, Automatic Doppler Correction,... Remote station, remote 
monitoring, ...... Link budget prediction, ... Calculation of 
astronomical data, .... JT65,.... and for future Q65, .....

I remain convinced that it is through this approach that we will be able 
to motivate young people.

Today I am working on the development of an optimized mobile EME station 
based on dual polarity. MAP65 and LINRAD are essential for that. So 
without the MAP65 update I will be forced to change my playing field.

--- 73s Christian F8GHE - KM4JLR

> I run MAP65 & the IQ+ &  appreciate the decoding which takes place. As an
> old CW EME guy on 144 MHz where we used to scan from 144 to 144100 looking
> for someone to work was fun & I miss those days quite frankly.
> So yes MAP65 is very helpful but not truly essential to enjoy EME
> You can always use the reflector to see where people are calling CQ or you
> can announce where you are calling. It should also work for Q65 A. If CQ
> live could be updated that would be  helpful as well .
> Some people are making demands which often are border line outrages . Q65A
> already does the QSO for you your antennas are computer tracked so as an
> operator the only thing you have to do is watch your computer screen
> & your biggest job is to look for someone who is calling CQ & log your QSO
> if it is completed. What else do you need???????
> My thoughts for the day
> Serge VE1KG
> Francesco good evening all true what you say & I use MAP65 with only
> horizontal polarization. We all use the internet anyway when we thank the
> station for a completed QSO or when we indicate where we are calling CQ .So
> why not ask the station their frequency??
> I am looking forward to see MAP65 upgraded as well but it is not a do or die
> situation dear friend.
> Serge VE1KG
> Hello Serge. We are old friends. We worked on cw and JT65 eme many times.
> Each time for me is a pleasure to work you and the others guys and I know
> that the same is for you.
> I disagree with you regarding the possibility to work on eme without MAP65
> upgrades and with the help of the loggers. The loggers are welcome if used
> in the right way.
> I don?t like to believe that I must come back to 20 years ago for use Q65.
> In that case I prefer to stay on JT65 and like me dozen of stations. Imagine
> those stations that have invested money on dual polarity
> and are using Linrad with the adaptive option (thanks Leif) and MAP65
> (thanks Joe). I use Linrad and MAP65 by many years although I have only an H
> linear system on 2 m.
> I?ll not operate using loggers instead MAP65. I?ll not become a slave of
> internet for my eme activity.
> So Serge this is my opinion and I guess that K1JT has done a good job
> sending a questionary on Moonnet with the target to understand how many
> stations are using MAP65.
> At least, to be honest, until now seems to me that although Q65 shall be the
> future, there are not many stations that are doing traffic with this new
> mode. I?m sure that a new upgrade of MAP65  could improve the use of Q65 maintaining the advantage to hear wide
> band and Linrad adaptive mode.
> Excuse me for my bad English and I pray that there are not misunderstanding.
> 73? de IK2DDR,Francesco
> *

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