[Moon-Net] SPID BIGRAS/HR modification with Incremental encoders

ON4AOI_PDA on4aoi_pda at skynet.be
Tue Apr 6 20:38:26 CEST 2021

Hi all,


Trying to figure out how much revolutions the gearbox makes for 1 deg (AZ or
EL) movement

Before I order incremental encoder and determine the correct PPR

Since they (SPID) have used different gearboxes even for the same model it
all depend on the gearbox ratio

you have to set in there controller MD01 or MD02 via software. 

Depending on there specifications the BIGRAS/HR has a resolution of 0.1 deg
if this true then I expect

10 pulses for 1 deg but without complete demolition of the sensor part I
can't find out how many reed

Contacts there are inside or if its reversed how many magnets?


My gearbox ratio setting = 0.093799  

if I would use this for a calculation then you get nowhere  

360 deg / 0.093799 =  3838  


Guy ON4AOI     


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