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Juan Antonio Fernandez ea4cyq at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 17:44:09 CEST 2021


It is only my opinion, but the ability of monitoring all QSOs My station can RX is an higher overcome than only RX one station or not.

MAP65 is a valuable help that lots of us we will not be able to give up.

Perhaps the use of Q65 an EME will not be widely spread until MAP65 is not updated to decode this mode.

Which does not detract from he merit of Joe and the rest of the team in relation to the improvement of Q65.

73, Juan Antonio


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   1. WSJTx (Earl Shaffer)


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Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2021 23:25:05 -0500
From: Earl Shaffer <wb9uwa at gmail.com>
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Subject: [Moon-Net] WSJTx
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Hi All.

We are up to rc4 on the latest WSJTx. I see that for  WSJTx 2.3 there was
only a week between rc4 and general release. We have been seeing about one
release a week and I really have not had a chance to see what rc4 can do
yet on 2 Meter EME. My concern here is that it might go on general release
before it is ready for prime time. We may be missing an opportunity to fine
tune it for optimal EME operations. I place a high value on seeing
shorthand decodes visually at about 20 seconds after the minute on JT65b.
Sure wish we could have at least an early decode feature if true short
hands are not to be.

I would also like to see something that addresses some frequency drift,
perhaps up to 40 hz per transmission. If not automatic then perhaps a
manual correction could be applied after a transmission.  Better yet if a
person knows his own drift and it is consistent then a correction factor
might be applied to a transmitter. There are still plenty of things
specific to 2 meter EME that could be addressed.

On the other hand if most people end up liking JT65b better, I could easily
see Q65 going the way of QRA64..... at least on 2 meter EME.

Right now I see about 90% of activity on JT65b for 2 meter EME. I guess
most people stick with what they know. Of course adaptive polarization can
be hard to beat for those of us using Map65. I would like to encourage more
people to try Q65.
There may be more things both good and bad to learn about its use. If  you
see me on, please encourage me to try Q65 with you especially if you expect
to be weak. I have the capability of using Q65. My amplifier is fine with
Q65  60a or 120a.
Earl Shaffer,  WB9UWA

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