[Moon-Net] 1296 MHz EME - JT65 / CW cross-mode

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Thanks for your thoughts.   You're right.  The cross-mode contact could not
be used for CW-only or Digital-only when applying for awards or for some
contests.   I need to look and see if LoTW can handle logging a cross-mode

I'm involved in a thought experiment and trying to design the lowest cost
1296 MHz EME station possible.   Visualize a 8ft stress dish, patch feed, 1
dB NF preamp, 20w amp, RTL-SDR receiver and 1296 MHz CW (beacon oscillator)
transmitter.   Can this all be done for $300?

This entry level station wouldn't see it own echos but could work a 3m
class station with good condx.  That's the goal.

A CW transmitter is easier to build than a SSB receiver.

73 - Paul - W2HRO

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> Outside of the contest and applying for specific awards, crossmode and
> crossband contacts are "legitimate" in the sense that there are permitted
> and don't break any licencing rules as far as I an aware. "legitimate" for
> contests and awards is a different matter. It's really no different than
> station A speaking French and station B speaking English.  You could do
> RTTY to digital, or FM to SSB or CW to SSTV or FT4 to QRA64. You could even
> to EME one way and terrestrial the other way, on different bands using
> different modes. There's nothing stopping you. You could exchange QSL cards!
> When it comes to EME and contests, there's no* explicit *ARRL contest
> prohibition of cross mode in the rules as far as I can tell, and since all
> modes score the same points and you can only count one station to station
> QSO for poins (regardless of mode), there's no logical reason why a cross
> mode contact should not be valid. SSB to CW (or digital) should also
> logically count. The contact could only be counted for "all modes" entry.
> The station sending CW wouldn't be able to count  the contact for points in
> the CW only category. I suppose there might be something hidden in other
> ARRL contest rules that addresses cross mode contacts.
> It wouldn't work for the ARI contest for the obvious reason that different
> modes score different points and you van make multiple QSOs using different
> modes.
> Bob, KA1GT
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> EME'ers,
> Would a 1296 MHz EME - JT65 / CW cross-mode QSO be legitimate?   Station A
> transmits JT65 to station B.  Station B transmits CW responses to Station A.
> Has anyone completed a cross-mode EME QSO like this?
> There is a method to my madness.  :)
> 73 - Paul - W2HRO
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