[Moon-Net] 1296 MHz EME - JT65 / CW cross-mode

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Outside of the contest and applying for specific awards, crossmode and crossband contacts are "legitimate" in the sense that there are permitted and don't break any licencing rules as far as I an aware. "legitimate" for contests and awards is a different matter. It's really no different than station A speaking French and station B speaking English.  You could do RTTY to digital, or FM to SSB or CW to SSTV or FT4 to QRA64. You could even to EME one way and terrestrial the other way, on different bands using different modes. There's nothing stopping you. You could exchange QSL cards!

When it comes to EME and contests, there's no explicit ARRL contest prohibition of cross mode in the rules as far as I can tell, and since all modes score the same points and you can only count one station to station QSO for poins (regardless of mode), there's no logical reason why a cross mode contact should not be valid. SSB to CW (or digital) should also logically count. The contact could only be counted for "all modes" entry. The station sending CW wouldn't be able to count  the contact for points in the CW only category. I suppose there might be something hidden in other ARRL contest rules that addresses cross mode contacts.

It wouldn't work for the ARI contest for the obvious reason that different modes score different points and you van make multiple QSOs using different modes.

Bob, KA1GT
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Would a 1296 MHz EME - JT65 / CW cross-mode QSO be legitimate?   Station A transmits JT65 to station B.  Station B transmits CW responses to Station A.

Has anyone completed a cross-mode EME QSO like this?

There is a method to my madness.  :)

73 - Paul - W2HRO
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