[Moon-Net] F6ETI ARI Autumn Trophy

F6ETI f6eti at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 30 09:06:58 CEST 2019

Because of the proximity of the sun to the moon on Saturday, I only 
participated Sunday at the ARI Autumn Trophy on 1296 MHz.
Only ten QSOs: DL3EBJ, SM4GGC (# 74), LZ2US, LZ1DX, IK3COJ, SP6ITF, F2CT 
(# 75), OZ4MM, IK5VLS.
Incomplete contact with IK1FJI, suspected FR5DN, and heard XE1XA in QSO 
with DL3EBJ and IK5VLS.
I was active during all the passage of the moon, and called and searched 
permanently between 0700 UTC and 16h30 UTC, with always good echoes. 
Very low activity in the morning, and nothing during the whole afternoon ...
Thank you to those responsible for the ON0EME beacon that was received 
very comfortably, 10-15 dB/noise.
Sun / cold sky 9.7 dB.
Conditions: IC-202, SG-Labs tranverter, SSPA 300W DF9IC, OK1DFC septum 
source, 3 meter dish, VLNA23 G4DDK 0.3 dB NF, SDR Transfox.
CU 19 october for ARRL EME.

73 de F6ETI, Philippe
f6eti at wanadoo.fr

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