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Franz (OE3FVU _ PE0WGA) oe3fvu at oe3fvu.eu
Mon Sep 30 08:20:19 CEST 2019

Hi All,

I have been working on my mini 23cm EME station for a while, which resulted
last week in the first EME reception and yesterday in my very first EME
contact with HB9Q.
Actually, although I have been active as a Ham since 1975, it was the first
23cm QSO under one of my own calls ever. So: DXCC 1, Grid 1, INI 1. J TX is
just 100 Watts in the shack, so 
probably not more as some 40 or 50 Watts at the feed. But before optimizing
TX, I want to optimize RX first.

I have a 2m (US TVRO) Dish and a loop feed with an Ukrainian 33 dB LNA,
followed by some 30m ECOflex15, to my IC9700 and WSJTx.  I have seen a
number of stations.
What I would like to know what signals I could expect i.e. what other people
with a similar, but optimized  setup have as signals.

Following signals I have seen this weekend:
LZ1DX best -15, I called Ned  both sat and sun, but he doesn't hear me
DL3EBJ best -20, I called Sunday, but also no joy.
JA6AHB Best -21, I called Saturday, but alas
SM6CKU Best -17 on Wednesday, RX only
SM4CCG Best -24
HB9Q Best -4, 1st QSO received -14 from Dan
IK5VLS Best -23

As I have no idea what I  should expect on WSJTx signal strengths with an
optimized 2m setup, any info is welcome! I know that my feed is far from
optimal, but is that  the only flaw?

Unfortunately, I was not able to spend much time as I had Dutch visitors
over the weekend. (Poor planning, hi)

Thanks in advance for any information!

Best 73
Franz - OE3FVU
(also PE3FVU, ex-PE0WGA, ex-PA0WGA)
2m DX Station: 143 DXCC, 48 US States, 38 Zones, 800+ Grids
2m DXCC #121 and working on 2m WAS and WAZ
 <http://www.oe3fvu.eu/> www.oe3fvu.eu
144MHz DX stations meet at  <http://www.on4kst.com/> www.on4kst.com
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