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dirk reyners dirk.reyners at telenet.be
Sun Sep 29 12:36:56 CEST 2019

same here yesterday. i unlocked the dish and point to the moon despite the awful rain and wind. some activity, and used to see stronger signals at past contests. qrv from 12:00-15:30 utc, worked in cw: sp6itf, dl3ebj, sm4ggc, g3ltf, ik1fji, sm6cku, ik3coj, k5dn. in jt65c: ve3krp, lu8enu, iw8rrf, lz1dx, dl3ebj, k5dog.  thanks also lz1dx who switched to ssb to make a voice contact with me. very strong signal! 73 on5gs dirk

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On Sun, Sep 29, 2019 at 9:04 AM +0200, "DW Harms (Dick) via Moon-net" <moon-net at mailman.pe1itr.com> wrote:

Hello all,

The ARI contest appeared a total disaster for me. First of all we had lots of rain and the trees which are partily blocking my window, had wet leaves. And that was the only interesting thing to observe, namely that leaves attenuate much more on RX than on TX especially when they are wet...
My neigbour saw my sad face in the garden when I tried to remove some branches and said he will cut the tree today. Very nice of him! However today a big storm moves over Holland, so I have to keep the dish in locked position...
Another handicap was the sunnoise. The sun is rather active these days and was close to the moon in my window. A 2,4 meter dish has a relative wide angle on 23, so I did pick up a lot of sunnoise...
So, all in all I made just two QSO's on 23cm yesterday. On 3cm I could not operate at all, as it was raining heavely most of the day. The PA is unprotected against rain, so I had no chance to activate 3cm. What a day...

Wishing you all more luck during day two of the contest!

73, Dick PA2DW

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