[Moon-Net] 144mhz SSPA "unsolder TC-12 cabel error"

Bent Andersen eskolin at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 17:35:55 CEST 2019

Hi All

I am the happy owner of a SSPA whit 2x blf188xr (w6pql design) and this amp
has run very good for the last 5 years...but last week I got a error...the
TC-12 coax on the board has "unsolder the cabel by it self" ??? so I solder
it back and turn it on...after 3-5 min the was a Huuuzzz sound agn
from the sspa...once agn the cable was unsolder  ???

I have made a gyssel-combiner at the output and I have checked it and there
is nothing wrong there, no short or bad soldering....and ther TC-12 is also
ok...no shortening.

so my question is..is there any one who have same problem ?? the amp is
water colled and no extra fans is placed.

73" OZ1CT Ben
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