[Moon-Net] FT847 with Micoham USB III

W Chandler pcdeveloper at me.com
Sat Sep 28 20:48:04 CEST 2019

Guys : update

Just an update for those wondering about the requirement using the FT847 and the microham interface.

I did the mod on the connector , re routed pin 11 to the sequencer and the resistor end back to the rig via the sequencer output .

Working ok,, i may incorporate the other ATU mod to hold off even if the Mox button is pressed by mistake . we have a spare sqeuencer output for that .

So we now have the Microham interface being trigered by WJST-x with a squencer for allow the switching of the Preamp LNa, PA in the proper sequence , i'm Using the DCW2004B with the mast head Amp type MHP 200.

73 All


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