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Are you suggesting that an isolation relay is not needed on a septum feed?  That would make my 1296 system simpler, but I’m a bit worried about my LNA

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> Hi Voja,
> as regards LNA input protection, the transfer relay behave actually in the same way as a single port relay.
> So, the level of protection just depends on the isolation of the particular relay and proper function of the sequencer or similar function circuitry.
> Additional relay at LNA input is almost necessary in case of separate but close RX/TX feeds (like septum feed) with limited isolation in-between.
> Optionally, if the relay isolation is insufficient or you are looking for a secured protection, you could use an additional protection directly on LNA input either outside or inside (like a power limiter used e.g. in spectrum analyzers or an antiparalel vhf Schottky diodes etc.).
> However, al these units will obviously somehow (more or less) decrease the noise performance of LNA. 
> 73, Vlada
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> Hi,
> does anyone have experience with using a transfer rf switch (with 4 connectors) in LNA?
> Is it necessary to add another relay in front of LNA input for insulation?
> I mean simple rx/tx transition.
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> 73 de Voja/YU7C
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