[Moon-Net] Genuine superjack actuators in EU mainland

dirk reyners dirk.reyners at telenet.be
Wed Sep 25 10:24:16 CEST 2019

im using the cheap plastic nut quarl 3618 to elevate my 6m dish. needless to say i have a spare one ready in case of emergency and the dish is always locked into park position so its running fine for two years...but then im not often qrv hi. 73 on5gs

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Before I get any more emails from people with good intentions I may as well state that the company that sold me the fake HARL3618 was HM-Sat.de, they admitted today that they do not sell genuine
 Superjack actuators. They say that it is a declining market and no-one is buying in large volumes anymore. There are also some actuators labelled SuperPowerJack but they look quite well made. They are obviously using the logo and the font of the Superjack
 brand but they do look quite sturdy so maybe they are good.


I might try one but they are also expensive.


Must hurry back to eBay, I am bidding on some Channel No5 and a Botsch cordless drill




Conrad PA5Y



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I mean the 38 GBP shipping cost.




Conrad PA5Y


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Hi All.


I recently bought a so called 'superjack' actuator from an EU supplier and it was a fake. The build quality was poor and the gear cover and motor housing was all plastic. The real superjack actuators
 are metal and easy to silence the RF noise.


I know that I can buy them from the UK but the 38 GBP is putting me off.


>From here:




I am in need of a HARL 3618 for my 70cms system and a QARL 3618 for my 2m dish. Does anyone know a place in mainland EU that sells genuine Superjack actuators? Not fake?


Maybe someone in the Netherlands or DL has a spare one?




Conrad PA5Y

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