[Moon-Net] Yeasu FT487 and the microham usb III interface with a sequencer

Paul Chandler gw4lwd at icloud.com
Tue Sep 24 19:56:42 CEST 2019

Hi all

I have started to build my EME station and for the first time decoded some big guns on 70 CM , with JT65b

the system works well and new we need to build a 4 x 4 arry and anD the Pa AND lna.

Since the Micoham interfae keys the rig on the timing cycle , we need to sequence the even and have the FT847 i am using to only key up when all the events are done , My question is , how are we going to have the USB III interface to tell the Sequencer to start on the PTTT and onl then let the rig key up at the end , I would think we need to intercept the PPT command going to the Rig and send it firt to the sequencer .

Some mods need to be do to acoplish thgish , since you guy are all EME OM's i would like to ask how we can do this ..

Then we can QRV on 2meters , 70cm and the higher microwave bands later.
we have plent of room here . I dont see many GW calls on 10GHz and 24 GHz so thats a challenge !.

73 all


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