[Moon-Net] [Moon] ARRL contest Microwave leg.

Ingolf, SM6FHZ ingolf.fhz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 21:44:35 CEST 2019

Hi all.
I was on 6cm only and I can second Peter's comment about activity from an
6cm perspective. 6cm seems to have lost popularity a lot from previous
years. I managed to make the following QSO's; Sept 21: OK1CA, UR5LX,
#VE6BGT and VE6TA, Sept 22: JA4BLC, G3LTF, UA6PTW and #F5IGK. All on CW,
without any logger soliciting.
Great pleasure to work 2 new stations without any pre-notice. Very nice
surprise, thanks a lot and warm welcome to 6cm EME! Hope you will enjoy it.
I heard no other stations on the band, but understand I missed a few. Maybe
because I did not call CQ constantly on a empty band nor took a hound-hour
pass Saturday morning (but I spent 45 minutes early Sunday morning and went
back to resting after that).
No US stations heard in this ARRL contest, quite an surprise as well.
I understand running multi-band during this contest is a masterpiece in
compromising, trying to satisfy all constraints with bands and Moon
availability for all different stations. It turns out like all compromise,
dissatisfaction in a lot of places :-)
At Least I got time for the final touch in painting the house done during
the w/e. That satisfies me :-)
73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ


Den sön 22 sep. 2019 kl 23:10 skrev Peter Blair via Moon <
moon at moonbounce.info>:

> I started on 13cm and worked (all CW) UA3PTW, OK1KIR, RA3EME, SP6OPN,
> and KL6M. I changed the feed to 6cm before the end of the 1st pass and
> worked VE6TA, K2UYH and HB9Q. At MR on the second pass I worked UA3PTW and
> JA4BLC and later SM6FHZ and VE6BGT #. I then changed the feed to 9cm  and
> worked WA6PY, OH1LRY, KL6M, SM3BYA, LZ1DX, K2UYH and HB9Q. Activity seemed
> down on previous years on these bands, especially 13cm but maybe because
> more were concentrating on 3cm. Conditions were good, near moon-set on 6cm
> , close to the doppler reversal point and with very slow libration, I was
> getting some amazing ssb echoes on the peaks.
> Thanks to all for the nice QSOs
> 73, Peter G3LTF
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Ingolf, SM6FHZ
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