[Moon-Net] Finding the Moon

DL1KDA DL1KDA at darc.de
Mon Sep 23 21:04:29 CEST 2019

Hello Moon-Bouncers,

i also have to recalibrate my system somtime and i tried also many things.

Some time ago i found a very good way for my purposes:

Antennas and Tower are standing next to the House and it is easy to turn 
the antennas parallel to the side of the house with visual help.

I used "Google Earth" to figure out the angle of the wall. I zoomed on 
my hous and use the "Ruler" tool. There you can draw a line along the 
wall of the house and you

see the heading of the Wall in the "Line" Tab.

Since then i know that my wall is QTF 27 degrees and i can rearrange my 
antenna setting within seconds.

Vy 73 de Alex, DL1KDA

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