[Moon-Net] Finding the Moon

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Robert any inexpensive camera on eBay  will work fine. I suggest a black &
white camera if you want to see the moon during the day. Here I have a
colour camera in a camper's flash lite shell. 1 video cable to the shack &
12 vdc always available at the tower so I have a picture 24/7. I believe the
camera cost me $12 from China no shipping charges. It is mounted on the
cross boom with a 90 degrees piece of Angle aluminium. You can also get a
water proof security camera .On my camera There is a wide angle lens & I see
the moon the size of a 10cents piece
Good luck
Serge VE1KG

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I have read on this reflector that some of you have used a video camera
mounted on your antenna array to locate and view the moon for pointing the
array. I would appreciate advice on what camera you used and how you mounted
it. I am looking for an inexpensive camera that can be mounted and used
outside. I am preparing to re activate my?? 2 meter system.


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