[Moon-Net] ARRL EME

Sergey Lysenko ur5lx at ukr.net
Sun Sep 22 18:18:08 CEST 2019

Hi EME frends!!
I activ ARRL EME contest. First day 6 cm  5 QSO  VE8BGT # 44. Very low activity/
Two day 3 cm 9 QSO NU # OK1DFC,ZS1LS,W3SZ  # 97 
ANT 2.4 ofset  for 6 cm 40 w , for 3 cm 20 w.
Redy for sked ur5lx at ukr.net. I think.
My suggestion is to change the format of the ARRL test. Make as in DUBUS, split the ranges. Maybe three rounds. All ranges. That will make it possible to work more on microwave.
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