[Moon-Net] 13cm band x-modes

Jan Kappert pa0ply at pa0ply.nl
Sat Sep 21 13:46:32 CEST 2019

Hi folks,

I'm really suprised on the big signals I received on this band, today during the ARRL MW contest.
However I also got crazy on how to use crossband.
We in PAo run on 2320MHz, and I know US side run on 2304Mhz. That worked out fine.
But I also heard CW stations from Europe on 2304.*Mhz calling CQ.
I presumed it works out the other way aswell and called on 2320.*, but no response.
Would this mean those stations call on 2304 and expect replies on 2304 only?

Please help me to understand this.

Br. Jan PAoPLY

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