[Moon-Net] 23cM's Future

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Bob KA1GT is spot on in his analysis:

The DEFINITIVE, non-rumour version is:
"23cm, there has been concern about a few cases of interference from amateur signals to the Galileo navigation system, specific to its E6 sub-band at 1260-1300MHz. It is IARU’s firm view, and stated in the paper it has submitted, that this should be properly studied within CEPT, rather than proposed as an agenda item for WRC-23."
Please see: http://rsgb.org/main/files/2019/08/CPG19-116_IARU-AI-10_Amateur-GNSS.pdf

The outcome of the CEPT meeting includes the following statement: " The draft Resolution that would guide such studies excludes the removal of the existing amateur Secondary allocations."

The 1296MHz band is not completely  out of the woods, it is unlikely never to be without significant threat as are most other amateur VHF-microwave bands! These are very long term 2023+++ issues which should not impact anybody's plans to exploit a band.

So to a number of posters who have relayed wrong information, unless you know the true situation, please do not post rumour or your own interpretation of second hand information which is probably wrong!

John G4SWX

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The only reason not to do to a bigger dish (other than the obvious cost and complexity) would be fear of regulatory interference with 1296, not RF interference from Galileo satellites using E6 mode which in principle has up to a 40MHz bandwidth extending up to 1300 MHz). Even if it did raise the noise floor at 1296 (unlikely), the effect would be small and not last long as the offending satellite and the moon moved around their orbits.

No band is 100% safe from regulatory interference, especially not in the VHF/UHF/Microwave region. It seems pretty unlikely that the USA will lose access to 1296 any time in the near future. Slightly more of a issue in Europe - which could be a problem for the US since most of the activity on 1296 comes out of europe! I think the current proposal is to discuss the issue in 2023 (WARC23), so nothing should happen before then.

If I was thinking of up a bigger dish for 1296 (especially one significantly bigger than 14ft), I think Galileo would be pretty low on my list of reasons not to do it!


Bob, KA1GT

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