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The Galileo system was first activate in 2016.   There are now 1 billion
cell phones with Galileo compatible chips.

I have not yet seen / recognized Galileo interference when operation on
1296 MHz with a 4m dish.  Maybe I saw or heard something but did not
recognize it.  I have not see any performance decrease.

>From my reading the Galileo E6 signal at 1278.75 MHz is the most likely
interference source.   This signal might be up to +/- 20 MHz wide.   Here
is my back of the envelope interference estimate.

Galileo predicts that the E6 signal will be -155 dBW on the earth at
1278.75 MHz.

The E6 signal at 1296 MHz should be -175 dBW on the earth.

The E6 signal will have a RHCP signal sense and most EME stations receive a
LHCP signal.  This might provide another 20 to 25 db of isolation.

Maybe the E6 signal interference level is -200 dBW at 1296 MHz??   This
still looks like a big signal.

I will know there is a problem when the ON0EME beacon no longer has a -10
dB WSJT signal at my station.

73 - Paul - W2HRO

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> On 2019-09-16 9:09 AM, Dale Parfitt via Moon-net wrote:
> > we will know for certain the future of 23cM?
> Like Dale wondering about the outcome, and waiting until more news before
> ordering
> a new rig to replace my 970.  I have read some posts on different forums
> and most
> say the band will be closed.  But if it closed to hams, how long it will
> it take.
> I am foreign to the way the allotment process works so some news or
> guidance
> would be nice.
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