[Moon-Net] Linrad bandwidth

Ken Arck ken at arcomcontrollers.com
Sat Sep 14 23:35:28 CEST 2019

I run my FCD+/Linrad combo at a sampling rate of 96000 and have 95 
kHz of bandwidth showing


At 02:29 PM 9/14/2019, Leif Asbrink via Moon-net wrote:
>Hi John,
>for the FCD pro+ select soundcard for input. The pro+
>should show up as a sound device.
>Then set the sampling rate to 192000 Hz.
>If you select 144.096 for the center frequency you will
>be able to see signals in the range 143.990 to 144.202.
>Note that a signal that shows up at 144.005 could be
>an alias from 143.995, likewise a signal that you see on
>144.187 could be an alias from 144.197.
>Traditionally anti-alias filters are a little narrower,
>I think that in an SDR for ham radio it is a good idea
>to see a wider range. If signals appear ti be of interest
>in the alias affected range, just shift the center
>In ham radio there is typically an operator that can take
>appropriate decisions. In case you run unattended, just
>ignore signals below 144.010 and above 144.182 in the
>above case.
>With linrad you can also use an EXTio dll for the FCD pro+.
>I do not know what functionality it might provide.
> > Hi is it possible to increase the bandwidth of linrad + FunQube 
> pro+ to 50KHz ? I tried clicking the main spectrum/waterfall set 
> the lower frequency limit to 144.100 the upper to 144.150 clicked 
> apply. The main spectrum went back to 144.121-144.129 running Windows 7 32 bit.
> > Help please.
> > John G0PSI
> >
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