[Moon-Net] Linrad bandwidth

Leif Asbrink leif at sm5bsz.com
Sat Sep 14 23:29:15 CEST 2019

Hi John,

for the FCD pro+ select soundcard for input. The pro+
should show up as a sound device.

Then set the sampling rate to 192000 Hz.

If you select 144.096 for the center frequency you will
be able to see signals in the range 143.990 to 144.202.
Note that a signal that shows up at 144.005 could be
an alias from 143.995, likewise a signal that you see on
144.187 could be an alias from 144.197.

Traditionally anti-alias filters are a little narrower,
I think that in an SDR for ham radio it is a good idea 
to see a wider range. If signals appear ti be of interest
in the alias affected range, just shift the center

In ham radio there is typically an operator that can take
appropriate decisions. In case you run unattended, just
ignore signals below 144.010 and above 144.182 in the
above case.

With linrad you can also use an EXTio dll for the FCD pro+.
I do not know what functionality it might provide.



> Hi is it possible to increase the bandwidth of linrad + FunQube pro+ to 50KHz ? I tried clicking the main spectrum/waterfall set the lower frequency limit to 144.100 the upper to 144.150 clicked apply. The main spectrum went back to 144.121-144.129 running Windows 7 32 bit.
> Help please.
> John G0PSI
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