[Moon-Net] Working K5QE via EME in the Sept ARRL VHF contest....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Thu Sep 12 01:50:27 CEST 2019

Hello to everyone in the EME community.  This year, the ARRL September 
VHF Contest will be held Sept 14th, 15th, and 16th(only 3 hours).  The 
contest starts at 1800Z Saturday, September 14th.

We want to work as many EME stations on 2M AND 432 as possible to 
increase our grid count.  I know that the EU VHF contests do not allow 
EME contacts, but the ARRL contests do....and EME is a big part of our 
efforts here at K5QE.  Please help us with this event by working us on 
JT65b or CW.  Thank you very much.

Our only moon pass begins at 0100Z and ends at 1300Z on Sunday the 15th. 
Check with us on the N0UK EME-1 page.  We will monitor that page 
whenever we are on EME.

As usual, we will be operating 2M on 144.142MHz Second sequence.  On 2M, 
we will be running QRO with 8 x 18’s and ask that you try to work us if 
you see us during the contest.

The 432 EME station is currently down.  We hope to get it working by 
contest time.  If so, we will be operating 432 EME on 432.080MHz Second 
sequence with 16 x 28el all H-pol and about 950W.  We will call CQ 
whenever we can.  Again, coordinate on the N0UK EME-1 page.

The 222 antenna is 8 x 222XP40 for a total of 320el in H-pol and in 
V-pol.  The antenna works great and has allowed me to work several new 
states on 222.  For US and Canada stations, please try us on 222 if you 
have anything running.  Even if you don't have EL on 222, you can work 
us on your rising or setting moon. We will be running 222 EME on 
222.085MHz Second Sequence with 1300W out.  Again, you can coordinate 
with us on the N0UK EME-1 page.

The ARRL rules allow Assistance to all stations in the contest. This 
means that you can look at the Internet resources and post to them 
too!!  Whenever we are working EME, we will be on the N0UK EME-1 page, 
so you can coordinate with us there.  Remember, NO CONTACT DETAILS can 
be posted.  The Internet pages really help with the contacts, so please 
use them freely.

If we see an EME caller on 2M, 222, OR 432, we will do our best to work 
you. If you see us working another station, PLEASE KEEP CALLING.  That 
allows us to decode your call while we are finishing up a QSO with 
another operator.   If you call in on CW, we will switch to CW and work 
you on CW as soon as possible.

If you don’t see us on EME, please check back later because we may just 
be doing a bit of Search & Pounce or waiting for the tropo station to 
finish a QSO.

Good luck to all in the contest and we hope to see you there. Thank you.

73 Marshall, K5QE - EM31cj
East Texas, USA
Shack phone is 1-409-787-3831 if you want to ring us
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