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Hi Alan. At the 'Microwave Update" in Dallas the 1st weekend of October, my "Rambo Rover" presentation is on placing my SG Labs 23 cm. transverter in an ammo case along with a 25 watt DEMI PA, an A.C. supply, cooling fans, and the T/R switching that allows an external preamp input for EME. It has a D.C. input provision for battery operation. The article is also in the MUD Proceedings. With this mounted at my dish, I'm hearing EME stations o.k., and with it mounted at the base of my tower, I made a 650 Km. contact last week during a little opening. I'm very pleased with the performance to the extent I got the 2.3 GHz version and a PA for a Rambo Rover for that band also. Now all I need is another 2.3 GHz station to work! "To make rabbit stew, you must first have the rabbit!"73's..Ben/K4QFSent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE device------ Original message------From: Alan Johnson via Moon-netDate: Mon, Sep 9, 2019 19:26To: moon-net at mailman.pe1itr.com;Cc: Subject:[Moon-Net] SG Labs 23cm !
 Transverter for EMEHi Everybody,

I’m wondering what sort of experience people have had with the SG Labs 23cm Transverter for EME use? 

I’m looking at equipment options for a move to 23cm and above, and these appear to offer good “bang for my buck”, and the latest models are lockable with a GPSDO. If others have had good experiences with it, then I’ll probably purchase the 25w PA at the same time, and then look at options for a larger PA down the track. 


Alan VK3DXE 

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